The difference between cranes and tower cranes
Aug 04, 2018

Tower crane: A tower crane with a high fuselage that can be infinitely high depending on the tonnage. Construction of main construction conditions Building bridge columns Pipes and other high-rise buildings. The lifting capacity is 1 ton - 80 tons. <According to the tonnage of the tower crane, there is also a working distance>. It has made an outstanding contribution to the construction of the building. Tower crane classification: 1. Tower head tower crane 2. Flat head tower crane 3. Construction elevator 4. Boom tower crane According to the model can be: 315, 40, 63, 80 and so on.

Crane: Widely used for lifting and handling machinery in ports, workshops, construction sites and other places. Types of cranes: A. Mobile: car cranes, crawler cranes, cranes, etc. B. Fixed type: dock crane, tower crane, gantry crane, etc. The name of the crane is a uniform title. The main cranes frequently called cranes and crawler cranes. The use of cranes is in hoisting equipment, rescue, lifting, machinery, and rescue.

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