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Main Performance Parameters Of Tower Crane
Aug 04, 2018

Tower crane main performance parameters

1, lifting weight G

<1> Lifting weight G - the mass of the lifted object. The unit is t.

<2> Rated lifting weight Gn - the sum of the weight of the crane allowed to lift together with the spreader mass.

<3> Maximum lifting capacity Gmax - The maximum rated lifting capacity allowed under the normal working conditions of the crane.

2, the amplitude L

<1> Amplitude L—The horizontal distance between the vertical centerline of the empty spreader and the centerline of the swing when the crane is placed in a horizontal field. The unit is m.

<2> Maximum Lmax - The minimum amplitude of the boom when the crane is working or the minimum position of the trolley at the outermost limit of the boom.

<3> Minimum amplitude Lmin - the maximum inclination of the boom or the extent of the trolley at the innermost limit of the boom.


3, lifting torque M

The product of the amplitude L and the gravity Q of the corresponding lifting object is called the lifting torque in kN·m.

The lifting capacity of a tower crane is expressed in terms of lifting torque. It is the calibration of the lifting torque with the product of the maximum working amplitude and the corresponding maximum lifting load.


4, lifting height H

It refers to the vertical distance from the horizontal parking surface of the crane to the highest position allowed by the spreader. The unit is m.


5, working speed

The working speed requirements for tower cranes are very strict at work. Please see the following specific regulations:

<1> Lifting speed of the crane

The maximum additional component corresponding to each stable running speed gear is lifted, and the rising speed of the hook in the steady activity state during the lifting process. The lifting speed is not only related to the lifting mechanism, but also related to the magnification of the hook pulley block, and the double rate is twice as fast as the four times. In the lifting operation, especially in the construction of high-rise buildings, the progress of lifting speed can improve the working efficiency, but it needs slow speed and tower crane when it is in place.

<2> Hanging car speed

For the trolley jib crane, when the hoisting weight is the maximum amplitude, the rated lifting capacity and the wind speed are less than 3m/s, the speed of the stable operation of the trolley.

<3> The speed of rotation of the tower crane

The steady rotation speed of the crane when the crane is at the maximum height when the tower crane is in the maximum rated lifting moment load state and the wind speed is less than 3m/s.

<4> Walking speed of tower crane: When the jib is parallel to the track direction, the speed of the crane is stable when the wind speed is less than 3m/s.

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