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What Is The Scope And Performance Of Construction Lifts?
Aug 04, 2018

1. Concept: Construction elevator is usually called construction elevator, but construction elevator includes a broader definition, construction platform also belongs to the construction elevator series. The simple construction elevator is composed of sedan car, driving mechanism, standard section, wall attached, chassis, fence, electric system and so on. It is often used in the construction of manned carrier construction machinery. Because of its unique box structure, it makes it comfortable and safe to ride. The construction ladder is usually used with the tower crane on the site. The general load capacity is 1-5 tons and the running speed is 1-60M/min. China's construction lifts are becoming more and more mature and gradually moving towards the international arena.

2. construction lifts, also known as building construction elevators, can also be outdoor elevators, site lifts. It is often used in the construction of manned cargo construction machinery, mainly used in high-rise building interior and exterior decoration, bridges, chimneys and other building construction. Because of its unique box structure, the construction staff can ride comfortably and safely. Construction lifts are usually used in conjunction with tower cranes at construction sites. The average lifting weight of the construction is 1-3 tons and the running speed is 1-60m/min.  There are many kinds of construction elevators, according to the operation mode is divided into: no counterweight and counterweight; according to the control mode is divided into manual control and automatic control.  According to the actual needs can also be added to the frequency conversion device and PLC control module, in addition to adding floor call device and flat device.

3.SC200/200 type

Main features:

1, the protection device is complete, advanced and equipped with the national patent technology of anti falling safety device. Its reliability is the first of its kind.

2, the driving unit is placed above the cage top, and the carrying capacity of the cage is large.

3, the three drive structure is used, and the bearing capacity is large.

4, the attachment device is stable, safe and reliable.

5. The area is small, only 24 square meters.

6, the transmission is smooth, the vibration is small, and the ride is comfortable.

7. The structure is light, and the maintenance and disassembly are convenient.

8, the transmission mechanism uses three motor drive form, so that the rack and pinion force uniform, safe and stable.

9. To ensure the safe operation of the lift, the safety switches such as overload and speed limit are set up in the circuit. When the above situation occurs, the elevator automatically avoids accidents. Limit switches are also available on all doors of the suspension cage. When any door is abnormally opened, the suspension cage can not start or stop running immediately.

10, each cage is equipped with an anti falling safety device, which can effectively prevent the cage falling and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the lift.

11. The electric control system of the lift is simple, easy to operate and maintain, and reliable. When the lift is running normally, the elevator can operate with a handle or button in the cage. It can stop at any time in any position that needs to be stopped. At the upper and lower terminal stations, the upper and lower terminal limit switches control the automatic parking. If the upper and lower terminal limit switch is not functioning because of the failure, the limit switch set on the elevator can be used. Cut off the power in time to make it brake.

12. The steel structure design has been scientifically and rigor calculated, and achieved the requirements of reasonable structure, reliable strength and light weight.

13, the elevator can use the hanger on the cage to install or remove the guide rail on its own. The rest of the parts can be easily installed and removed, and parts are also easy to replace.

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